Turnkey Renovation

knowledge and preparation, speed and quality.
Turnkey Renovation: one team, short delivery times.

A complete and vertical workflow from bureaucratic paperwork to complete renovation. By choosing a turnkey renovation, you will not have to worry about contacting suppliers and operators for the different sectors. You will be followed directly by our team, with only one interlocutor for all the renovation works.

From office operations to demolition works, plasterboard works, hydraulic works, painting, electrical wiring, laying of floors and walls. All of these operations with a single team of skilled craftsmen working in harmony.

You have find the right construction company for your renovation project in Italy!
  • Dedicated advice for paperwork: project preparation and bureaucratic permits
  • Specialists in building renovation for over 40 years
  • Team of qualified and selected craftsmen
  • Top quality material
  • Perfect execution and unique interlocutor for turnkey renovations

Renovate home without worries? Relax, we’ll take care of everything.

One interlocutor for administrative practices, demolitions, construction management and building works


Pratiche amministrative

No Problem!

During the first phase of a restructuring it is necessary to start the administrative procedures, these consist in presentation of permits to the Municipal Office and related documents in the cadastral area. Forget all worries, with Belcari Srl you will have a vertical specialist who will analyze works, evaluating every aspect doing all bureaucratic / legal practices for you.



Start well, in the right way.

In this phase surveyors, architects, designers organize and realize the executive drawings of the plants, scheduling possible demolitions and proceed to realize on paper every single aspect and phase of your renovation. Short production times, start-up of practices and immediate collaboration between the technician and the designer.


1 Interlocutore

One Team, no waste of time.

Sending and opening administrative procedures, plant systems, projects and drawings, organization of material and direct control on site: project manager will be your only interlocutor, a trusted figure able to always have complete control of every single phase and processing and the one with whom you will interface directly to know progress and news.


Tutti al tuo servizio

Who knows your problems!

A renovation requires many figures, electricians, fixtures, plumbing, masons, parquets, tilers and architects. With all these figures involved, it is very easy to risk losing priorities and making this lead to longer delays. With Belcari Srl you will have 1 foreman of confidence, able to coordinate the others directly in the field, communicate the progress of the works and coordinate the interventions of the individual workers.


Tempi certi

Short Delivery Times
From drawings to delivery

According to some research, about 70% of the people who undertake a restructuring are more scared by the time of realization than by the total costs. This is because often a restructuring hits fundamental environments of their homes, which could cause considerable inconvenience if they are not used for a long time. With the turnkey restructuring of Belcari Srl you will have certain times of delivery, agreed in advance, for each stage of processing, without annoying delays or lengthening times.


Interventi garantiti e certificati


Renovation work does not exclusively concern technical and structural aspects. Every single restructuring operation is designed to have maximum performance and last over time, which is why every contract includes a complete guarantee on the intervention. This includes complete certifications for all the systems that will be installed during the renovation works, energy requalification certificates, and the end-of-work booklet with technical specifications of the works carried out and all the references of suppliers and technicians involved.


Ristrutturazione edile casolare in provincia di Pisa
Are you a private individual and are you looking for the right construction company?

Restructuring your home is a necessary process for improving the quality of your life.
Choose Belcari Srl for a no stress work. From the project to the practices for permits. Masonry works, floors and walls. Construction of electrical, plumbing and conditioning plants. Drywall works.


Impianti Idraulici Elettrici
Are you a professional and do you need to restructure your offices?

Classic and modern, informal or avant-garde styles.
From design project with architect, we will proceed with: masonry works, lighting-technical drawings, plumbing systems, wiring and air-conditioning systems and then move on to windows (in aluminum, wood or PVC), internal and armored doors, anti-theft systems.

Turkney Renovation in Pisa, Livorno and costal area.

Let’s create together the project of your dreams, with limited costs and short delivery times!

Additional Value

When it comes to intervening on a property, it is always necessary to think in perspective.

That’s why with our technicians you will evaluate some fundamental aspects, including:

  • The operations you had planned for your renovation are really the right ones? Get advice from an expert!
  • Which interventions could best enhance your property, also from a future perspective? With our experience and alongside our staff you can face a path that evaluates the intervention in its entirety.
  • How can you double the perceived spaces without increasing the square footage of your rooms?

A direct, qualified and on-site support that will restore the confidence and calm necessary to face the best choices and focus on the needs: materials, accessories, accessories, energy redevelopment, design and much more.

What does each restructuring contract include?

  • Certificate of conformity of the installations
  • Provision of plant layouts and systems
  • End of work booklet with the list and technical specifications of works
  • List of materials used for the works
  • List and references of the suppliers involved
  • Certificates of energy requalification
  • Details and specifications on guarantees issued

Certified quality

All our technicians are constantly trained to manage work with most modern project management techniques and have obtained the certificate for safety and hygiene in the workplace according to Law 494/96

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